En Plein Air Painting

Hydrangea, 20" x 16", oil on panel, 2009
This was painted sitting outside the Farmer's Market in German Village.  It was a positive experience sitting outside painting.  Many people came up to see what I was doing and I got used to people looking over my shoulder.  I sold several paintings; most of them small.  I also received a commission from the experience.


Paintings for the Art Crawl

"Geranium III"; 8" x 6"; oil on panel; 2009

"Geranium II"; 8" x 6"; oil on panel; 2009
"Geraniums"; 8" x 6"; oil on panel; 2009
"Whimsical Flowers"; 8" x 6"; oil on panel; 2009
"Blue Flowers"; 8" x 6"; oil on panel; 2009
"Bright Eyes"; 8" x 6"; oil on panel; 2009
"Blue-eyed Grass"; 8" x 6"; oil on panel; 2009
Here are some of the smaller paintings that I will be taking to the art crawl.  I will have other paintings with me as well.

The German Village Art Crawl

About the German Village Art Crawl
This Saturday evening (July 25th) I will be participating in the German Village Art Crawl from 6pm - 10pm.  I will be located at 767 Macon Alley.

Saturday Morning Farmer's Market

Farmer's Market Located on 5th and Jackson in German Village
There are two pictures here: one is an image of the Farmers Market in the German Village on 5th and Jackson and the other is an image of fellow Michael Fields and I painting outside during the Haus and Garten show.  This experience was challenging for me as I am traditionally a studio artist.  However, I have been invited back and I have decided that the challenge is a good one.  Therefore, I will continue to paint there every saturday morning alongside the farmer's market from 9am -12.  Come visit me!  I will have paintings for sale.

It's a process...

Megan in her downtown Columbus studio.
I predominately paint on panels.  Here is an image of me working in my studio building a new panel.  After I build the frame, I glue a panel onto it.  After the glue has dried, I rout the panel, tape off the edges of the frame and gesseo the panel.  Finally, I use a dry wall sander to smooth out the panel before painting on it.