So Long Savannah, Hello New York City!

Alexander Hall, location of my studio and multiple classes.
Another quarter has ended.  This quarter was jam-packed with deadlines and I spent the majority of it in my studio.  Our Open Studio exhibition (a part of SCAD's deFine Art) in Alexander Hall was curated by artist Paul Bloodgood.  I had three pieces in the show: two paintings and an installation (see images below).
Three Dimensional Drawing (Against the Day)  
144" x 80" x 123"
1000+ screw-eyes, 3000+ yards of mason line, acrylic and wood.
Tablet #2
52" x 129"
Acrylic on canvas, screw-eyes, mason line.
Tablet #1
60" x 36"
Acrylic on canvas, screw-eyes, mason line.

I was also working towards my 45 hour review for candidacy, which I passed.  I used an entirely new body of work.  Please visit my website to preview this work.  Finally, I am in preparation to move up to Brooklyn, NY for an internship.  This will be a permanent move as I intend to finish my MFA requirements online while I transition from school into the career world.